Organic Pest Control

How to Deal with Pests Organically

One of the first questions new gardeners ask is, “How do I keep bugs out of my garden?” The answer? You don't! Bugs are a necessary (and sometimes helpful) part of every garden ecosystem. Learning to spot the "pests" among the "beneficials," however, will help you keep your cool and cultivate your best garden ever.

The common garden pests to bid farewell include: aphids, cucumber beetles, grasshoppers, slugs and more. In this Beneficial Insects article, you'll learn about 14 insect friends — from honeybees to garden spiders — that will actually make your garden stronger and healthier. Finally, you can check out this Using Organic Pesticides page for tips on how to get rid of those bad bugs for good.

Here are the three informative links on organic pest control:

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